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Romantic Suspense


All is fair in Love and War... or so they say.

Den of Thieves


Everybody makes mistakes, and most deserve a second chance.


The team at DOT Recovery Services have turned their lives around and use their skills to help the residents of Lake City recover things that cannot be retrieved through normal channels. Along the way, they also find pieces of themselves they never realized were missing.

Social Rejects Syndicate Series 1&2

To them family is everything and they will stop at nothing tp protect theirs. ​

Come with me to London and visit with two such families:

The Ranns & The Murdocks

Devil's Pawn MC

The life she's lead, in a world she didn’t chose, one that was hoisted on her shoulders has lead her to this very moment.

Every time she tries to escape, she gets pulled back in with the force of a hurricane and forced to continue.

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