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Romantic Suspense


Social Rejects Syndicate Series 1 & Series 2

The Rann Brothers: Jack

Jack Rann needed answers. As his stint in prison comes to an end, he still questions how he ended up in prison rags instead of a tailored designer suit.

Was it his outlandish playboy lifestyle?

Or perhaps his role as a member of an infamous crime family finally caught up with him.

Either way, Jack is determined to uncover the dark underlying secrets that could threaten the existence of their family. Time is of the essence as Jack works to prove his theories, all while saving what is most important to him…family.

The Rann Brothers: John


Family had always been the most important thing to John. All that he had ever done and accomplished over the years had been for them.

For the preservation of their name.

Ethan had come far too close to destroying it all. John hadnt seen it coming, if anything he had blindly ignored the warning signs. In his efforts to keep the longevity of the family line alive he had lost slight of the brothers he was protecting.

He had to make sure Ethan paid for what he had done, and prevent him from doing any further damage.

The question is can he truly stop Ethan for good?

The Rann Brothers: Will

Will loved his family more than anything in the world but the last few months had proven to him that his family was more than he could handle.

The recent problems Ethan caused, brought light to the severity of their family dealings, and the consequences being part of the family business brought to him.

He was done with all of it. The danger and the threats. He did not want the power or infamy that came with being a Rann. Will wanted a normal life--a quiet one. One that didn't involve having to watch over his shoulder. But even though he was ready to leave the lifestyle, he couldn't escape the Rann name and the dangerous life that refused to let him go.

The Murdock Brothers: Malachi

Malachi Murdock had screwed up in a very bad way.

He had picked the wrong side. He underestimated the Rann family’s ability to regroup and come back stronger than ever.

The entire thing had almost cost him his life along with Ethan Adams.

He had seen the look in Jack Rann’s face. Jack knew what Malachi had done was nothing personal, but that didn’t matter to the Rann brothers. Loyalty was everything to them. The fact that Malachi had turn his back on their families hundred-year friendship was considered an act of treason.

Now there was no telling the price he and his brothers would pay for the choices he made.

The Murdock Brothers: Colin

Coming April 2022

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