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Devil's Pawn MC: Ride or Die


Keith had a job to do. Get as close as he could to the enemy without getting caught.
There was no room for error, too much was on the line for him to screw up.
Befriending another man’s wife was the fastest way he thought of.

Mar, was the exact opposite of Galen, the man she married. He almost felt bad for her when he thought about it. Keith could barely stand the sight of the man, let alone be close to him. He didn’t understand how Mar handled it.

The closer Keith got, the more he saw Galen for all the evil he was. Heartless and ruthless.

He kept reminding himself that Mar was nothing more than part of the job.

Until she wasn’t.

Releasing 02/10/2022 

The Murdock Brothers: Malachi


Malachi Murdock had screwed up in a very bad way.

He had picked the wrong side. He underestimated the Rann family’s ability to regroup and come back stronger than ever.

The entire thing had almost cost him his life along with Ethan Adams.
He had seen the look in Jack Rann’s face. Jack knew what Malachi had done was nothing personal, but that didn’t matter to the Rann brothers. Loyalty was everything to them. The fact that Malachi had turn his back on their families hundred-year friendship was considered an act of treason.

Now there was no telling the price he and his brothers would pay for the choices he made.

Releasing 02/19/2022 

As long as Stan and Jane are on the case, it’s going to be interesting. Totally worth the read!

 ~Ellen, from

Stan still hasn’t really learned how to follow the rules; will this be the case he loses his job over?”


~ Lacie, from

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