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Hush, I Know Your Secret


13 Authors telling their secrets and crossing lines to cover up all the crimes and evil people do.

Pete Thron, S. M. Revolinski, Yvonne Mason, Cree Nations, Allison Cosgrove, Angie Martin, Courtney Lynn Rose, AnnaMarie Gardner, Rayne Cross, Allie Harrison, Letha Gene, DarkAngel and Candace Dowds.

Releasing 07/27/2023

Bred To Be Owned (A Dark Mafia Romance)


What would it be like to be born into a family that still believes in the old-world rules and laws? Knowing that your life was already planned out for you. Would you agree and let tradition rule your life or would you fight it ? Check out these stories from these 9 authors as they tell you which side of tradition they believe in.

Releasing 08/24/20223

As long as Stan and Jane are on the case, it’s going to be interesting. Totally worth the read!

 ~Ellen, from

Stan still hasn’t really learned how to follow the rules; will this be the case he loses his job over?”


~ Lacie, from

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