An ex-con on the right side of the law …


Sebastian loves working for Den of Thieves. Private recovery means he gets to do what he does best while staying out of jail. His current mark could be so much more than a means to an end; he can’t stop thinking about her. Can he ignore the spark, or will he give in, even if it means jeopardizing the assignment and possibly his career?


A good girl trying hard not to settle down …


Daria is sick of men in general, especially the boring, stuffy types her father keeps trying to pair her up with. Unfortunately, the only man who sparks any interest in her has a checkered past. For Daria, a bad boy who's a good man is the hardest to resist.


While Daria struggles to figure out her own feelings, Sebastian must decide if completing the job is worth the risk of losing the girl.

As long as Stan and Jane are on the case, it’s going to be interesting. Totally worth the read!

 ~Ellen, from

Stan still hasn’t really learned how to follow the rules; will this be the case he loses his job over?”


~ Lacie, from


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